Diễn Viên Rebecca Jane Smyth

Rebecca Jane Smyth

Though often described as "five feet of attitude in heels," UK glam MILF Rebecca Jane Smyth is Amazonian at almost six feet tall. Celebrated for her aggressively filthy on-screen persona and sultry '30s Hollywood look, this experienced seductress is a gorgeous package of shiny blonde curls, soft, thick curves, and downright sinfulness. Recruited at 18 years old for a famous British topless feature, the voluptuous teen got an early taste of the nudie limelight and fell under its spell. But it wasn't until the busty stunner walked her big hair, bouncing double-D tits, and go-big-or-go-home attitude onto her first porn set in 2013 that the world witnessed her full sexual power, and rejoiced. She's considered one of England's most talented smut stars, not to mention a living legend to her fans, and dominant Rebecca is ready to take on the world with her personal brand of sexy magic!

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